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E Smoke Sensation E Cigarette Kit

admin May 13, 2011

Why The e Smoke Sensation E Cigarette Kit Is One Of The Best Electronic Cigarettes

Are you familiar with e Smoke? It’s a brand of electronic cigarettes that’s been creating major waves in the industry. Personally, it may because e Smoke’s Sensation and other E Cigarette Kits are American-made, and in today’s economy, that counts for a lot.

In fact, if you’ve been listening to ‘The Trump’ in the past few months, he’s been talking about how Americans make better products, and it’s more obvious when you traveled around the world. American-made products are highly desirable, and sought after as a status symbol.

Going back to the e-Smoke Sensation E Cigarette Kit, aside from the high quality performance and durability as an all-American home-grown brand, you also get a great starter kit. The basic kit has 2 lithium battery packs, a wall charger, USB charger, and being the newer 2-part model, 5 cartomizers of medium strength.

A Cartomizer is a combination of the cartridge which hold the e-liquid (nicotine solution) and the atomizer which is encases the heating element – and the e Smoke Sensation features The Most Cutting Edge Cartomizer Technology For Excellent Performance

This basic E Smoke Senation E Cigarette kit retails for $74, although you may find the price fluctuating a bit, depending on where you order your kit. When the kit gets to you, you will see a lovely, well-balanced package. In other words, it looks amazing. The cartomizers have a longer life span than most other brands, so it must carry more e-liquid. The only brand that has a cartomizer that lasts longer is the Green Smoke. Each cartomizer is equivalent to about 30 sticks of traditional cigarettes, give or take a few.

The 2 battery packs are different. One is shorter which makes sense for those who have different vaping habits. The shorter battery naturally has a shorter battery life, so you take it with you when you’re not planning on being away long.

Another great feature of the e Smoke Sensation electronic cigarette is how it looks. It’s sleek and well structured. You know you are holding a quality product that won’t break down in a couple of months.

On the downside, you do have limited choices for cartomizer flavors With The e Smoke Sensation – especially when compared to the e Smoke PRO which uses the previous generation KR808D technology. However e Smoke sell their own line of quality E Liquid and it is possible to refill e Smoke Sensation cartomizers with a bit of tinkering – so it is possible to get the exact flavor you desire with a bit of added work. It should be noted in fairness that the other brands using the same compatible base model – the E9 Cartomizer – as e Smoke Sensation (including Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke Deluxe and AmeriSmoke) offer the same or fewer cartomizer flavor options.
e Smoke Sensation E Cigarette Starter Kit For regular vapers though, they seem very happy with the e-Smoke’s vapor production. Unlike some other brand, the color schemes are not very creative. For example, the battery packs are available only in a standard color. This means no racy greens or hot pink colors. Just kidding. Of course, not many e-cigs have these fancy colors. Most are also within the neutral shades of white, black, silver, and red, so it would be nice to have a color choice. Of course, you can’t have it all, and if these are the only factors that can disappoint, in the scheme of things, it’s not a big deal. E Smoke Sensation is still a most recommended solid model from a trustworthy and quality brand.

One Of The Biggest pros of the E Smoke Sensation is that there are a whole range of different price points to try the model – with starter kits ranging from a very inexpensive ‘disposable model’ through to the top tier e Smoke Sensation E Cigarette Kit.  By providing these different price points the brand makes it easy to start enjoying vaping with a top quality product and add to it over time if you can’t afford the full blown e Smoke Sensation E Cigarette Kit right from the start.

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